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My mineral pot-Anytime! Anywhere!


anywater filter

Superb natural filtering & purifying functions

AnyWater employs the natural filtering methods of the natural stratum principles to deliver exceptional purifying performance and fresh and tasty water quality. It removes chlorine, foreign matter and smells that may exist in water and helps deter the bacterial propagation.

Contaminant Removal Efficiency
– Eliminates bacteria and prevents bacteria propagation
– Removes harmful chemicals & odors
– Reduces heavy metals such as copper & lead
– Provides balanced minerals
– Ajusts and maintains a balanced pH value ( pH 7.5 – pH 9 )

1THE Alarm application

No need to worry! 1THE Alarm notifies you to change filters.

1THE Alarm application will let you know when the time comes to replace the AnyWater filter.
By replacing the AnyWater filter regularly, you can drink more fresh and clean mineral water.

Search for 1THE Alarm on a mobile app store and install the app.  Enter your email address and follow the steps to complete the registration process.  

Select the filter of the product (AnyWater) that you are using.

Press the QR Code button and scan the printed QR code.

Press the SHOP icon to shop online based on the user’s country.

Go to Settings to change the alarm frequency, sound and language settings for user convenience.