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Amazing Taste with Health Benefits

Amazing Taste with Health Benefit, H2CAP

Hydrogen water review

Received this beautiful Tritan bottle around Christmas. It is BPA-free and comes with this high-quality platinum filter in a cap. I ‘’ve been using it ever since, every day, three times a day.

I love this Hydrogen water taste that is so crisp and clean. There is an obvious change in the way I feel since I started drinking this water. Feel a bit more energetic and my digestive system seems to like it as well. Love the fact it comes with a descaler and reagents to make sure it works as designed.

With the cap came in a 24mm size to use with most bottles. But since it uses a USB charger, can be used anywhere with your laptop/phone and the small size of the cap makes it very portable. Highly recommend it to anyone who is health conscious and it’s hard for me to imagine life without it.

-By Jay R