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Highly Recommend H2CAP

Highly Recommend H2CAP, Reviews

Highly recommend h2cap, h2cap review

highly recommend H2CAP.

After carefully comparing different products, I’m glad I chose this one. The design is great and the gold color is surprisingly very sophisticated and classy. I was surprised by the pop sound when I opened the cap after running it. It must’ve been producing a lot of hydrogen. It’s also great how portable it is and easy to carry around everywhere.

– By Rania Dali


Great Product and Above and Beyond customer service

I love this product. I used to pay close to $3 dollars for Hydrogen Rich Water in the supermarket but now I can make my own anytime I want, and the quality is better.

I often judge the company by what kind of customer service they provide, and this company is above and beyond in this area. I had a technical problem with the device, and I was worried that I may experience problems contacting or getting the issue resolved but they were great.

Contacting them was easy and they responded immediately. The company was attentive and informed on a regular basis as to the resolution progress.

I highly recommend H2CAP

– by First Union



I started having issues with my right kidney and after drinking the hydrogen water made with this machine the pain immediately went away and I felt like I had a strong burst of “Energy” and my fatigue was instantly gone!

Hydrogen water is the real deal and not some marketing pseudo-science. It has become trendy in Japan – The country with the most extended lifespan for humans! The current product shows certification from that country which gives it legitimate credibility over other products. It also has dual 9 layers of PEM technology something its competitors lack and is semi-permanent without a battery. The premium bottle that comes with this package is also really cool and the water always seems to be ice cold.

I highly highly recommend this product and YES the 300 price tag is worth the money and you get what you pay for. Qlife is the only other company I found which mimics 9 layers of PEM but it is not semi-permanent like this one and the ppb at 1,000 to 1,5000 is just perfect in my opinion – so when you see competitors of this product advertising a higher ppb – it is way too strong and may put stress on your body. The 9-layer dual PEM is the main selling point as it ensures no Ozone or Chlorine gets into the water.

I am very happy with my purchase and glad I did my research and chose this company over others!

– By Zonerbreem


Makes clean water even better

h2cap review

I have enjoyed incorporating this product into my health regimen. After enriching clean, filtered water with hydrogen I sometimes add one drop of food grade essential oil for a zero-calorie, flavorful, hydrogen-rich source of hydration. It seems to have some benefit for the inexplicable fatigue I’d been feeling.

-By Nunyo Bidnizz