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The best hydrogen water generator

This is the best Hydrogen Water Generator

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best hydrogen water generator machine

The best hydrogen water generator I’ve ever had! The generator itself is very small and light, so I can literally take it with me ANYWHERE.

I’ve been using this product not only at home but also in the car, at work, and basically, everywhere I can use the USB chord. It takes EXACTLY 3 minutes and 30 seconds to make the hydrogen-rich water with the USB port on the power bank.

What I really liked about this particular product was that it came with a USB cable, test kits so that I can take hydrogen concentration measurements myself, and some descalers to clean the bottle (but apparently I don’t have to clean the bottle often, and I just need to put the powder in the water when the cleaning mode turns on and connect it to power – and it cleanses by itself!!).

I tested it and the hydrogen water was still transparent on the 10th drop, which means it has more than 1000ppb.

Unlike other products that I used before from other companies, most of which had about 500 ppb and a maximum of 1000ppb and were too big to carry around because they were all run by batteries and heavier, H2CAP Plus generates MINIMUM 1000ppb for its high performance and is very tiny and handy.

In terms of performance and design, I think H2CAP is way better than any other products that I’ve used. The bottle is also very nicely designed, it looks like there’s a mini mountain at the bottom. It’s 100% Tritan and BPA-free, so it’s very safe to use.

I’ve been drinking hydrogen water with H2CAP Plus every day, 4 bottles a day, and I already feel like I’m not as fatigued as before! I’m going to keep drinking this and see more health benefits. I definitely recommend this product!

-By Blossom