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The Best Portable Hydrogenated Water Infuser

The Best Small and Portable Hydrogenated Water Infuser

Best Portable Hydrogenated Water Infuser

H2CAP plus is the best small and portable Hydrogenated water infuser.

I tried another hydrogen water maker and this H2CAP PLUS ran circles around it! It is brilliantly designed, tiny, and strong.

The fact that it has no internal battery is a plus, nothing to leak or fail in the future as all rechargeable batteries eventually will.

It is so easy to use! I have a Berkey Light water filter and all you do is fill the bpa-free 17 oz bottle and connect a 5v power source.

In my case, I use a power bank as seen in the photo. In 3.5 minutes the device shuts down with an orange glow and the water tastes great!

My wife and I are drinking 4 times daily for an intake of 32 oz.

I feel more energy right away and will update this review after a few weeks to see where this wonderful technology takes us!

Expensive but as near as I can tell this is the best small and portable hydrogen water maker.

-By 140hours