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The best design hydrogen water generator


A. Hydrogen water means ordinary water (H2O) that contains dissolved hydrogen gas (H2).

A. Nowadays, people are consuming ‘antioxidants’ such as vitamins C, E and polyphenols to cope with the strong ‘oxidizing power’ of Free radicals. Hydrogen is well-known as the most effective anti-oxidant because it selectively removes malignant Free radicals from our body. Once hydrogen is absorbed into our body, it combines with Free radical and turns into water and discharged from the body.

A. The water molecule has two hydrogen atoms, chemically bound to the oxygen atom. This is different from the hydrogen gas molecule (H2), which is just two hydrogen atoms bound only to each other.
Here’s an example: we need oxygen (O2) to live, so why can’t we get our oxygen from drinking water, H2O?  It’s because the oxygen is chemically tied up in the water molecule. We need available oxygen gas, (O2) that is not bound to other atoms or molecules.  In the same way, for the dissolved hydrogen gas (H2) to benefit us, it must be in an unbound form, and therefore available for therapeutic benefit.

A. Yes, it is VERY explosive. Hydrogen is the most energy-dense molecule by mass.  But, when the gas is dissolved in water, it is not explosive at all, just like if you mixed gunpowder in water it wouldn’t be explosive either.

A. Because hydrogen is a potent antioxidant that helps to neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress, which is the cause of most of the illnesses and premature aging. Additionally, hydrogen, which is the smallest element in the universe, penetrates parts of the body where other antioxidants cannot reach, such as the neurons and the cell nuclei.

A. When you drink it, you will notice it has a more atomized, lighter taste, so it does have a subtly different flavor.

A. No. Even if you drink hydrogen water, vitamins and antioxidant minerals in food are necessary, because they have other vital functions, apart from the antioxidants themselves.

A. Depending on your home, work and lifestyle choices, there are many potential ways that hydrogen-rich water may enhance your health and wellness.

It has been documented through hundreds of studies that molecular hydrogen may have the potential to improve athletic performance and recovery, energy levels, jet lag, hangovers, anti-aging, allergies, skin irritation, inflammation, and many chronic diseasessuch ascancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, neurological, pulmonary diseases.

A. No. hydrogen water has zero calories.

A. The body refuses to convert fat into energy into food when our oxidation levels are high because burning fat causes even more oxidation. The antioxidant charge of hydrogen water helps us to lower the level of oxidation, enabling the metabolism to transform fat into energy.

A. No. However long you hydrogenate the water, it is impossible to overload it with hydrogen. Once it becomes saturated, any excess evaporates.

A. Yes. It eliminates free radicals from the skin. Hydrogen water can be applied with a cloth or directly to the skin and left to work for a few minutes.

A. Yes. The only effect of hydrogen-rich water is to help to maintain a suitable oxidation level for good health. It has no contraindications.

A. The recommended daily water intake is between two and three liters. We recommend that you drink only hydrogen water, although anything more than one glass a day will be highly beneficial for regulating your oxidation level.


A. The calcium, magnesium, and other minerals formed after the eletrolysis(hydrogen production), may reduce the performace of H2CAP. In order to produce hydrogen water with high ppb, yes it is necessary. 

A. The outer part of the product is not waterproof. In particular, if the USB port gets wet, make sure the USB port is fully dried.

A. Yes. So, if you want to drink water with even higher ppb, you may run it multiple times. But, make sure to discharge the hydrogen gas by opening the cap once in every completion of hydrogen production.


A. The calcium, magnesium, and other minerals formed after the eletrolysis(hydrogen production), may reduce the performace of H2CAP. In order to produce hydrogen water with high ppb, yes it is necessary. 

A. A lot the better since it keeps the machine in better condition. But make sure not to consume the water used for cleaning mode.

A. When H2CAP has not been used for long time, the membrane and electrode plate dry up. This causes H2CAP’s performance to fall. In this case, leave the H2CAP upside down with water that has descaler dissolved in it. Then, run the cleaning mode.