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Hydrogen Water System HWS-2000

Under Sink Hydrogen Water Generator Module System.

The Ultimate High-Performance Hydrogen Water System - HWS-2000

Powerful Hydrogen Water is easy to create and drink immediately when needed.

hydrogen water system, hws-2000

Under-counter device that makes hydrogen water from tap water.

It’s compatible with kitchen faucet, water filters and most Reverse Osmosis filters with a flow rate of 0.5L/min or high.

HWS features dual-cell technology, which enables high flowrate and high hydrogen enrichment. It also uses the latest hydrogen cell technology, allowing for horizontal operation. The stainless steel housing is optimized for easy placement.

HWS is a hydrogen water generator that instantly generates hydrogen water with maximum 1500ppb and ORP -600mV.

Modern design that adds elegance to the kitchen

With the touch of a button, you can get high-concentration hydrogen water right away without waiting.

Easy to install with various types of water systems

HWS-2000 Explanation

The hydrogen water system HWS is compactly designed with W95 x D235 X H315mm so that it can be easily installed inside the kitchen sink.

HWS-1000 consists of 1 hydrogen module to generate stable hydrogen water, and HWS-2000 consists of 2 hydrogen modules to support more powerful performance and smart faucet.

HWS-2000 Smart Faucet

Touch switch operation method, stylish design
hps smart faucet

Hydrogen Water Electrosys Module


HWS Features

hws-2000, hydrogen water system

HWS-2000 Installation example

HWS - hydrogen water system

Basic Installation

In water quality where you can drink tap water directly, you can directly connect the device and use it.

Installation with RO water system

It can be used by connecting to the RO system in use.
hsp installation with water filter system

Installation with water filter system

If purified water is required, it can be used by connecting to a filter system.

HWS-2000 Specifications

2 Hydrogen modules
SizeW95 x D235 x H315mm
PowerAC110 ~240V
Standby power0.3W
Power ConsumptionMax 100W
Amount of water1.0~1.5L / min
Control methodSmart Faucet