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The best design hydrogen water generator

Inhaler is an optional product that can be used only when H2CAP Alpha is present. If you register the serial number enclosed with the Inhaler product in a dedicated app, the Inhaler function is activated to maximize the powerful antioxidant power provided by Inhaler along with hydrogen hydration.
  • Adjustable intensity and operating time via application
  • When there is not much physical activity such as resting, reading, watching TV, listening to music, watching movies
  • When it is necessary to reduce oxidative stress after medication.
Use Inhaler in hydrogen mode.

Caution: Up to 1 hour or more per day is not recommended as it does not increase the effect on the human body.

  • If oxygen inhaler is required,
  • Quick recovery after vigorous exercise,
  • Learning and work that requires concentration,
  • Assistance for people with asthma or other breathing problems
Use Inhaler in oxygen mode.

Caution: Excessive oxygen intake can cause excessive oxidative stress in the body, which should be used in limited cases if necessary.