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Good Powerful Hydrogen Water Generator

Good powerful Hydrogen Water generator

powerful hydrogen water generator review
powerful hydrogen water generator review

So far so good. Comes with a USB c cord and carry sack. The actual size of the cap is palm-sized and portable but very powerful. I took pictures of the hydrogen bubbles in comparison to an old machine I had (granted my old one is 3 years old) and there are much more hydrogen bubbles being generated with the h2cap.

I tested with h2blue drops and 2 runs for a total of 10 minutes run time generated 1900ppm hydrogen. 

I did a second test with new water: 2 runs, opened the cap to let out some pressure, then ran a third time for a total of 15 minutes. 

The water tested at 2100ppm hydrogen, so not much different than the 2 runs. 

I think the natural pressure buildup of hydrogen in the bottle is necessary to push the hydrogen in the water if you want greater levels of hydrogen, but I didn’t want to run it 3 times without releasing pressure just in case it would damage the machine so I think 2 runs generate a satisfactory amount of hydrogen for 500ml water.

My old generator was only able to make 1400ppm hydrogen for 10 minutes for only 300ml of water.

According to studies, a minimum of 32oz of 1000ppm hydrogen water is needed for any benefit, and the best results with 2000-3000ppm per 32oz of water for treating any severe disease, so 2 bottles of 10 minutes run time with the h2cap a day provides well over that amount for therapeutic benefit.

The only inconvenience about this device is you need an external power source for the USB power and you need to unplug and replug to start another round of generation. Maybe if they install a button to start it that would be nicer

-by Mike